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When one has reached the state of nothingness, something beyond human knowledge is born. MONOLITH is the brainchild of architects, architects, and designers who are active in Japan and abroad as standard-bearers of minimalism, Architect Katsufumi Kubota, who is active in Japan and abroad as a standard-bearer of minimalism, supervised the design of this wristwatch, Kubota Katsufumi, an architect active in Japan and abroad as a standard-bearer of minimalism, supervised the creation of this wristwatch. Every time you see this well-honed watch, your heart will be deeply satisfied.

MONOLITH's beautiful titanium body is both simple and strong. It is the result of the technological expertise of Gunma Seimitsu, a manufacturer of brand-name watches from around the world. It is not only the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that creates high quality molds at the beginning of the case manufacturing process, but also the high technical skills and uncompromising attitude of the people involved in the process that make it possible. The base shape created by the mold is repeatedly forged (pressed) to form the case shape. The surface finishing process of polishing and painting are all done by hand by skilled craftsmen.

The leather belt with rubber coated D buckle is made by Jean Rousseau, which has been using carefully selected leather materials and handmade finishing since its establishment in 1954. With its own tannery facilities and directly managed stores in Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York, Jean Rousseau manufactures a variety of small leather goods including watch belts. In 2007, Jean Rousseau was recognized by the French government as a "Company of Intangible Cultural Heritage" for its exceptional craftsmanship, elegance, and high quality, as well as for its efforts to preserve and promote traditional techniques.

The movement at the heart of MONOLITH is made by MIYOTA, which has been supplying watch movements to brands around the world for 40 years. MIYOTA's origins date back to 1959, when Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. completed construction of a movement manufacturing plant in Miyota-machi, Nagano Prefecture. From that time to the present, MIYOTA has been supplying the world with new products brought about by continuous development. MIYOTA continues to provide timeless value that transcends generations, "putting quality wristwatches in the hands of as many people as possible.

The windshield protecting the MONOLITH dial is made of sapphire glass. To emphasize the matte black color of the dial, the sapphire glass is anti-reflective on both sides and anti-fingerprint coated on the top surface. The back of the watch is also coated with anti-reflective coating, and a gray vapor coating blends in with the luster of the metal, giving the movement an elegant look. Sapphire glass has excellent optical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties, and is known as the second hardest mineral after diamond. It is also scratch-resistant, even in harsh environments where it is exposed to sand and other elements.

The dial is made of rare meteorite (meteorite discovered in 1906, [Muonionalusta]).

MONOLITH hands use N-luminescence (LumiNova®) developed by Nemoto Special Chemical Co. N-LumiNova® is brighter than conventional luminescent paints and emits light longer than fluorescent paints. Luminova® is a light-storing pigment with high luminosity and long-lasting afterglow, depending on the light from natural light or fluorescent lamps. It also has excellent lightfastness and can be used stably for a long period of time. In order to emphasize the shape of the hands and ensure visibility, luminescent paint is silk-printed on the top surface. The hands floating on the dial in the dark are both beautiful and practical.

FEATURES: TITANIUM BODY, Leather belt with rubber coating, Mechanical driven type, SAPPHIRE GLASS
Case Material: Titanium
Strap: Jean Rousseau
Wind protection: Double-sided sapphire glass

Dial: Meteorite
Size Case: Diameter 45mm, Thickness 14mm
Belt: length 255mm, width approx. 19-22mm with case attached
Water resistance: 10ATM
Manufacture: Gunma Instrument Inc.

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